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Buy CBD products from a trusted source. At Neoflora, our goal is to help you find a more profound relaxation with the help of CBD. We produce only the highest-quality CBD products, with lab-tested results and safe environmental practices. Our focus is on service that supports each customer so that you can rest easy.

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Browse our collection of CBD oils and tinctures and find your perfect balance. We produce only the highest quality, lab-tested products, with both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD. Our money-back guarantee puts you, our customer, in the driver’s seat.

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures are one of the best ways to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your daily life. Incredibly versatile, tinctures can be taken directly by mouth or added to food and drink for a longer-lasting effect. Our CBD oil tinctures are of the purest and highest quality, and you can choose from broad-spectrum or full-spectrum products.

Why Choose Our CBD Products?

We produce our CBD tinctures and topicals from the highest quality cannabis, and we follow the process from beginning to end, ensuring the end product is clean, safe, and pure. We take testing, purity, and transparency very seriously, and a third-party lab tests all our products.

What Makes Neoflora CBD Products Different?

We base our eco-conscious process in the U.S., and our cannabis is locally grown exclusively from the Hawaiian Haze Hemp Strain. Say goodbye to mystery ingredients and over-processed, industrialized hemp. 

We produce our tinctures and oils in small batches, so we always have a handle on the quality of the final product. Then we have each batch lab test by a third-party lab for only the purest CBD. 

The result of our organic, earth-friendly process is the highest quality CBD, clean, pure, and potent. For every purchase, we support the replanting of the earth’s forests.

CBD Products Application

With our CBD products, you have incredibly versatile options for application. 

  • Tinctures: For the fastest results, tinctures can be applied “sublingually” by dropping directly under the tongue. For a slower experience, you can mix tinctures into oils, liquids, and food. 
  • Topicals: For topical CBD, simply apply to the area you want relief. Our CBD Freeze product combines CBD, menthol, and aloe to relieve sore muscles.

Remember that your response to CBD depends on your unique physiology. Always follow the label guidelines and start slowly to allow your body to adjust to a new product.

What CBD Product is Right for Me?

The best way to figure out what product to use is to think about how you want to use it. Let’s explore a few of the reasons you might be searching for CBD products:

For Food and Drinks

For common Issues

CBD oil tinctures are ideal for food and drinks. You can use our CBD oil tinctures in place of your regular oils or butter in any recipe. You can also add them to drinks, juices, or smoothies. Incorporating CBD oil into your diet brings the calming effect of CBD in the most natural way possible.

CBD oil tinctures and topical products are the best way to begin using CBD in your daily routine and maximize its benefits. Use CBD products for common issues like stress, anxiety, inflammation, and pain. 

  • For mild pain relief, use our topical CBD product, CBD Freeze
  • For stress and anxiety, start taking CBD oil tinctures daily. Your body will get better at absorbing it over time, and the relaxing, anxiety-reducing benefits will increase. Use it topically for tension headaches or pain related to stress and anxiety.

For sleep, take a small dose of CBD oil tincture every night. The relaxing effects will help you drift off to sleep and into a deep cycle. You can drop under your tongue, take with food, or simply rub into your temples and the back of your neck.

CBD oil is an oil extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD producers typically extract CBD oil from a paste made up of the plant’s stalks, leaves, flowers, and stems. Here at Neoflora, we exclusively use extractions from the Hawaiian Haze Hemp Strain of cannabis, ensuring the quality and consistency of our products.

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How much CBD to take depends entirely on your unique physiological makeup. We recommend speaking with your doctor about how much CBD will benefit you. Start with small doses and work your way up to ensure your body is responding well.

CBD interacts with your body directly through your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate all other systems in your body. Taken consistently over time, CBD can help your body regular both internal and external stressors.

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