Lab Reports

All Products are third-party lab tested.

We take Testing, Purity and Transparency really seriously. All of our products are tested by 3rd party independent laboratories.
We test every product for the following:

  •    Heavy Metals Testing
  •    Potency Testing
  •    Terpene Profile Testing
  •    Mycotoxin Testing
  •    Residual Pesticide Testing
  •    Adulterants Testing
  •    Glyphosate Residue Testing
  •    Microbial/Bacterial Contamination Testing

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

-Batch ID: 0216 

-Batch ID: BU71001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: BV71001 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: BP71001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: 0151

-Batch ID: BU151001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: BV151001 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: BP151001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: 0076

-Batch ID: BP31001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: BV31001 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: BU31001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: 0170 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

-Batch ID: 0215

-Batch ID: FV71001 -Vanilla

-Batch ID: FP71001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FU71001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU71002 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: 0054

-Batch ID: FU151001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FP151001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FV151001 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151002 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FP151002 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FU151002 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: 0075

-Batch ID: FU31001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FP31001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FV31001 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FU31002 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: 0169

-Batch ID: FP61001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FU61001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FV61001 – Vanilla