Everything You need To Know About Vaping CBD Oil


Both pure CBD oil and vaping have seen a significant rise in popularity in the past few years. Those interested in finding a new way to supplement CBD found they liked vaping it, and thus CBD vape products were born. However, there’s more to it than you might think.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using CBD products. That includes which types are okay to vape, what vaping CBD does, its effects, and the risks associated with vaping.

There’s a lot to unpack there, so let’s get into it.

What is CBD?

First of all, let’s clear up the most common misconception surrounding CBD: it isn’t cannabis, and it won’t get you high.

CBD is an abbreviated term used to describe cannabidiol. It is derived from hemp, but it doesn’t possess the same effects as marijuana because the THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is removed. That means it’s legal in most territories and doesn’t present the risks associated with cannabis products.

Cannabidiol is associated with numerous health benefits, including:

· Reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression

· Pain relief

· Anti-inflammatory

· Epilepsy treatment

· Headache and migraine relief

The reason why most people love these products is the relaxing effect on the body. The twenty-first century has seen a spike in anxiety disorders, meaning more of us than ever are looking for ways to feel soothed. For many, CBD may provide a simple solution.

The Four Most Popular Forms of CBD

There are numerous forms that the product takes, and which one you opt for is entirely down to personal preference. The following are the top four ways people take CBD:



Not to be confused with the CBD oil that you can inhale through your vape, this form is bottled and often dispensed through a pipette. This particular form is the most popular because of how convenient it is to use. You simply place a few drops beneath your tongue, and the positive effects follow shortly after.


CBD Gummies


Arguably the tastiest application of CBD, these gummies arrive exactly as you would expect. They take the form of chewable candies infused with CBD. They come in numerous flavors, which is part of their appeal.


The only downside is that it takes more time for the gummies to kick in because you have to digest them, so they aren’t as fast-acting as the drop applicator. After waiting the 30-60 minutes to feel it, most people enjoy the effects of cbd gummies for 6-8 hours.


CBD Topicals


Slightly more unconventional is the variety of topical products like cbd salve that come in the form of creams and lotions. The CBD absorbs through the skin, which means the effects take more time to kick in than other CBD products.


However, those with more localized aches, pains, or other issues, find applying the cream to the epicenter of their discomfort is more helpful than a generalized application.


CBD Capsules


As their name suggests, these are usually softgel capsules that you’d take with a drink. In a similar fashion to the gummies, your body digests the pills before effects kick in. This can take up to thirty minutes before any relaxing effects take place. Still, if you aren’t thrilled by the thought of pills or drops, they’re a helpful alternative.


You’ll notice that vaping CBD didn’t make it into the top four. This isn’t a mark against vaping’s efficiency. It’s because many people aren’t aware that you can vape CBD. It’s a relatively new concept, and there are still many questions surrounding how effective it is to take CBD in vapor form.


However, vaping CBD oil is considered to be the fastest way to feel the associated positive effects. Inhalation transports your preferred dosage to your bloodstream faster than other methods. It even acts faster than the traditional pipette application.


An important disclaimer here: you cannot vape CBD oil that’s intended to be used with a pipette. The make-up is entirely different, and you’re going to make yourself very ill if you start inhaling oral cbd products.


We’ll explore what is and isn’t appropriate in your vape further down, but first, let’s talk about dosage.


What is The Ideal Dosage for CBD?


This is an important question to consider before you start using these products. Unfortunately, there isn’t one definitive answer. It all varies based on individual factors.


These include:


· Weight


· Height


· Overall tolerance


What may be the perfect dose for someone else won’t necessarily work for you.


We recommend if you’re new to these products, you begin with the lower dosages and work your way up. Start with a one or two mg dosage and work your way up in 5mg increments until you feel a positive effect. When you start to feel like it’s working, lock in that dosage.


You shouldn’t experiment with dosages in a short period. Generally, you should leave at least six hours between doses when you’re first starting out. While studies have shown it would take a significantly high dose to harm yourself with CBD, you also can’t be sure how your body will specifically respond.


A helpful metaphor here is alcohol. Most of us know this feeling all too well. You drink, it feels good, so you drink more, but then you end up vomiting. While cannabidiol doesn’t get you drunk (and definitely shouldn’t make you vomit), the same principle applies. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a higher dose immediately equates to a better effect: stick with what feels good.


It’s also important to point out that the dosage on CBD bottles isn’t always one-hundred percent accurate. There is some variation, though it’s small, and that’s important to bear in mind when considering how much you use. Regardless, no dosage gets you high.


Don’t stick to numbers: focus on how you feel. If you ever feel strange from your usual dosage, consider lowering it. You may have a mislabeled bottle.


This sort of misinformation can occur for two reasons:


· Your bottle’s contents include a small variation that the manufacturers simply can’t account for. With most medications, the dosage isn’t completely accurate, and small variations do occur.


· There is no FDA regulation controlling the sale of these products. We’ll explore that a little further down.


How Does Vaping CBD Oil Make You Feel?

CBD vaping boasts the same benefits as many other CBD products. The relaxation effect and anxiety relief are the most reported reason for vaping CBD, though an individual’s personal reasons for opting for CBD vape products will vary greatly. Some may just appreciate the easy transportation of vape. Others may just be vape enthusiasts trying something new.
If you are a part of various health and wellness groups throughout social media, then it’s likely that you have already read about the benefits of vaping oil. Its popularity has grown exponentially in recent years, and with good reason. It’s an exceptionally easy and enjoyable way to receive the benefits of CBD.
One of the most compelling reasons to vape CBD as opposed to taking it via drops or capsules is the speed in which it enacts its benefits. It is generally considered the most fast-acting, which is appealing for obvious reasons, especially where anxiety is concerned.
Vaping oil can also provide you with quick relief from painful joints or headaches/migraines. Further research is needed before CBD benefits can be fully explained on a biological level, but many of the glowing testaments speak for themselves.

Are CBD Oil and CBD e-Juice The Same Thing?

No, and this is incredibly important to understand. It might make sense theoretically to take the CBD oil you have and put it in your vape. However, this is a terrible idea. It can lead to severe medical issues as certain oils when heated can become toxic.
CBD vape juice, or e-Juice, is specifically formulated for use in your vape without any nasty side-effects. Even though it’s sometimes referred to as CBD oil, it doesn’t actually possess any oil. Rather, it uses Propylene Glycol, the most common ingredient in all forms of vape products. It’s a little confusing at first given the name, but as long as you’re only using something in your vape that’s meant to be in there, then you should be fine.
There are two key types of vape-appropriate CBD:
1. CBD e-Juice: the most common form of vape-friendly CBD is specifically made e-Juice, sometimes known as CBD distillate. Not all of them have specific labeling to indicate they’re vape-friendly, but the packaging usually alludes to vaping to indicate that it’s safe. If it doesn’t, do not risk it. It isn’t worth it, and plenty of manufacturers clearly state that they’re vape-appropriate.
2. CBD Cartridges: favored by some due to their ease-of-use, the cartridges just attach to your vape and can be disposed of quickly once they’re empty. There are also alternatives available known as pods, which have a similar function to the popular JUUL.
If you aren’t certain on whether or not the CBD products you’ve purchased are safe for inhalation, don’t risk it. Bottled CBD products including MCT oil (derived from coconut), have no business filling up your lungs. There is a reason some products are for inhalation, and others are for ingestion.

Can Vaping CBD Hurt You?

In short: no, vaping cannabidiol cannot not hurt you. Of course, there may be instances where CBD could interact with prescription medications or cause unforeseen allergic reactions. But thus far, this hasn’t been observed. No negative effects have been noted from the use of these products.
However, those with respiratory conditions should think twice before using vape products. Even though vaping is perfectly safe, if your lungs are compromised, they are more likely to react negatively to anything entering them that isn’t clean air. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Exacerbating pre-existing conditions will not provide you with any sort of relaxation.
We certainly don’t think that if you have asthma, you’re not allowed to enjoy vaping. We recommend consulting with your doctor for advice before trying any of these products. That way, you’ll get an opinion from a medical professional that knows your body and can best direct you towards the best decision.

Can Vaping CBD Make You Sick?

CBD products are not FDA regulated. There simply isn’t enough information available yet to guarantee there are no long-term side effects to CBD or vape.
Does that mean you should be afraid of trying them out? Not necessarily. However, you’ll need to follow the directions and be careful about dosing.
It is highly unlikely to become sick from vaping oil, provided you do it correctly. Putting CBD substances that don’t belong in a CBD vape is a surefire way to upset your body in a significant way. If you follow the product instructions on the label, then there’s no reason you should suffer repercussions.
There’s also no immediate evidence to suggest CBD or vape is responsible for any severe health conditions. Generally speaking, these products provide a massive benefit to many people’s lives. Whether that’s for relief from anxiety, pain, or even epilepsy, CBD is generating a positive reputation for itself. Vaping is no different.
This lack of FDA regulation shouldn’t prevent you from exploring CBD, but it is something to be aware of. Depending where you purchase your CBD products, dosages aren’t always accurate, and ingredients can vary greatly.
Individual Health Risks
There is an element of risk involved with vaping that you should consider. According to Medical News Today, anybody interested in CBD vaping should adhere to the following guidelines:
· Avoid CBD vapes that contain THC, as this greatly increases the risk of lung damage
· Do not vape if you are below under the age of eighteen or pregnant
· Do not purchase vape products from unreliable sources
· Do not use vapes or e-cigarettes that contain vitamin E acetate
Many big-name sellers know what they’re doing and are stringent in their standards, but staying safe is still of paramount importance. If you’re looking to try a new vape, always do your research. Read reviews about sellers, look up specific ingredients, and contact your doctor about any possible medication complications.

Do CBD Vapes Work?

Yes, they do. How your body personally responds to vaping CBD may be different than another person. But for most people, it’s a highly effective way to feel the benefits of CBD quickly. And if you struggle with chronic pain or anxiety, CBD could be just the thing you need. While many people find vaping CBD to be user-friendly, if you’re new to vaping, consider trying drops first. Testing the effects of CBD via drops beneath your tongue is worthwhile before investing in your own vape pen. That way, you get a sample of its effects, and you’ll know whether it’s right for you.