What Does CBD Feel Like? What You Need To Know.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most potent compounds extracted from hemp plants. Peer-reviewed studies show that CBD helps balance our body systems, including our minds. Three of the health benefits that CBD may offer is that it reduces stress, calms us, and works as an anti-inflammatory. It does much more than this, and that is why it is one of the most significant new medicinal aids on the market today. But what does it feel like, and how will you know if it is working? Those questions, among many others, are often asked by consumers. Keep reading as we walk you through the effects of CBD and the experience. 

What Does It Feel Like When You Use CBD? 

Part of the mystery and skepticism around CBD is due to the fact that everyone who uses it will have a different experience. If we have a headache and take an over-the-counter tablet, we expect the headache will go away for most of us; that is true, so the experience of taking the pill is the same. CBD works to help balance our body’s many systems. Because my body is different from your body, the experience of using CBD is also different. My body has different needs in comparison to your body. That makes the question, “What does CBD feel like” even harder to answer. In short, the experience of CBD varies and is more personal; however, there are some things you can look for when you use CBD. 

What CBD Is and How it Works?

Cannabidiol is the complete name for CBD. It is a plant defensin and derived from the hemp cultivar of cannabis plants. CBD lingers in the shadow of Marijuana, and there is some CBD in marijuana plants. Pot, weed, Mary J, The Devil’s lettuce are all street names for Marijuana. CBD is not Marijuana; it is hemp. While both plants are cannabis, there is a vast difference. CBD, however, does not make you high. The high you get from Marijuana comes from a compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and is also a plant defensin. Because CBD is not euphoric, it will not cause addiction or make you fail a drug test. 

CBD comes from hemp or industrial hemp rather than from Marijuana. Both plants are cannabis, but not the same plant. There are hybrids, and they will cross-pollinate. Industrial hemp is grown to produce fibers and CBD. Marijuana is grown to produce a high, euphoric feeling and is still considered illegal under the federal statutes. CBD or industrial hemp is approved in all 50 states for various uses, though remains under scrutiny by the Feds. 

  • CBD does not make you high.
  • CBD is not Marijuana
  • CBD is not addictive

The Body and CBD 

Our body has an endocannabinoid system, which helps to regulate all of the other body systems. Notice the “cannabinoid” part of the endocannabinoid system. Also, note that CBD is Cannabidiol. That similarity is no accident. It is also a big clue as we begin to answer, “how does CBD make you feel”? That fact also helps to enforce the understanding that CBD affects us all differently. Our bodily systems all have different needs. Those needs come from genetics, everyday life stress, environmental exposure, and even the food we eat. That is why what you experience using CBD is different from what I would experience using CBD. In short, “what does CBD feel like” is best answered with “personal.” What you feel is dependent on what your body needs. 

A Few Facts about CBD. 

  • Cannabis plant compounds produce better results when mixed with other plant compounds from cannabis-hemp. (The Entourage Effect)
  • There are over 100 different plant compounds that are extractable from cannabis plants. Each does something different.

The Entourage Effect – At its simplest – the entourage effect demonstrates how plant compounds from hemp work together to a more significant impact. A full-spectrum cbd product may work much better than a product made from 100 percent CBD. that is because you are reaping the full benefit of the hemp plant with a full spectrum product. If you have tried CBD oil and have not had an effect, consider trying a full spectrum product. 

Do you Get High from CBD? 

No. It is that simple. CBD does not produce a euphoric effect. Hemp contains 0.3 percent THC, usually less. Marijuana may contain as much as 20 percent or more THC. That is why Marijuana makes you high, whereas hemp (CBD) does not. THC and CBD are different plant compounds and designed by nature to do other things. THC is a psychoactive compound, and so is CBD. The difference is that CBD works to calm your mind and body in a non-intoxicating way. Whereas THC is mind-altering. The percentage of THC in CBD or in hemp plants is closely regulated and by law cannot be “higher” (pun intended) than 0.3 percent. Any hemp plant that produces THC levels above 0.3 percent is regulated as Marijuana even though it is a hemp plant. 

We are not suggesting that there is no other benefit to THC than its high. It has medical benefits such as pain relief, reduces oxidative stress, and psychological disorders, such as reducing the effects of PTSD. The critical point is that CBD and THC are very different. The good news about CBD is that you gain a bucket load of benefits without the high. It is safer for people who have past addiction issues as CBD is not habit-forming. It is a cannabis product that can stand in the light and out of the shadow of Marijuana. 

How Do You Feel When You Use CBD?

We’ve ruled out a big myth. CBD does not make you feel high. The results of CBD are best exhibited when the compound is used long-term – over many months. Generally, what you experience is a calming of the body—the impacts of stress and anxiety decrease. Your mind becomes better able to focus on daily life without the pressure of stress and anxiety. Even depressed episodes may become less impactful. Note: How CBD affects you is going to be different than how it affects your friends. It is essential to follow the directions that come with your product, but know that you may have to adjust the dose to fit your needs. 

The short answer is that it makes us feel better. It lifts depressive conditions, removes stress and anxiety, and allows us to better function without the constant worry and weight that stress and anxiety have over us. It is similar in feeling to when we accomplish something big. We are uplifted, happy, and relieved. Other words describe what CBD feels like, but again, the experience is unique to you. 

When Can You Feel CBD Begin to Work?

Most people feel something within the first 1/2 hour. Maybe what you will feel is a change, and you cannot put your finger on what has changed. By an hour or two, you should feel that your mind or thoughts are more focused and that how you think improves. You may feel nothing – no change. Consumers who use CBD report various effects and the range is very much as described above. One key component in how any substance affects our overall health is how often we take it. CBD is best experienced when it is taken regularly – both in volume and time. What that means is that you should take CBD every day at the same time and using the same dose. If you are not feeling CBD, then consider adjusting the dose per the instructions on your product. Generally, the dose is a range of drops – 2-6 drops – you can change the dose and give the product time to work. 

The Conclusion 

The big takeaway here is that CBD is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is a solution but expect your experience to be personal and somewhat unique. Another critical point is that it takes time for CBD to work and for you to feel its effects. It is not like an aspirin where the pain is gone in 20-minutes. It works on your body’s systems, so the results appear slowly, sustainably, and manageable. 

Did we answer your question – What does CBD feel like? If not, the short answer again is that CBD feels different to everyone because we are all different. Though generally, CBD makes us feel better, uplifted, and without the negativity of stress and anxiety.